Watzmann Traverse

The King’s Tour in the Berchtesgaden Alps: The Watzmann Traverse
The demanding traverse of the three main peaks of the Watzmann is generally referred to as the King’s Tour of the Berchtesgaden Alps.

Caution: Only for experienced mountaineers: partly high alpine, the Watzmann traverse is only feasible for really experienced, absolutely sure-footed, giddy and fit mountaineers.

The Watzmann crossing is not a via ferrata!

Trip Profile

Hard - T5
12-24 Hours
23 KM
Altitude difference
2079 m
Max Altitude
2713 m
on request
on request
Jul - sept


Route description Watzmann crossing
From the Wimbach bridge, the ascent to the Watzmannhaus via the Stubenalm to the Mitterkaseralm on the Watzmann is on a well-maintained forest path.


If you choose the Hammerstiel hikers’ car park in Schönau as your starting point, you can save yourself about 100 metres of ascent. Another variant is the ascent via the Kühroint-Alm and the Falzsteig trail, which is secured with a wire rope at one point.


All three trails meet at the Falzalm at the latest. From the Falzalm, a steep and narrow but good and much used trail leads to the Watzmannhaus. The rest of the trail is an alpine climb to Hocheck. Here the actual Watzmann traverse begins on the narrow ridge: over the Mittelspitze to the Südspitze. Extremely narrow in parts and only secured by steel ropes in places, absolute freedom from vertigo and surefootedness is required up here. The view down over the legendary Watzmann east face to Königssee is breathtaking. From the south peak, the descent is unmarked, partly over loose gravel, partly over paved paths, but always steep, to the end of the Wimbach valley. The walk from the end of the Wimbachgries is easy and can also be done in the dark with a headlamp. Or you can spend the night in the Wimbachgrieshütte.


By public transport:
Train station near start point: Bischofswiesen (6.1 Km from start point).
Bus stop near start point: Wimbachbrücke (98 m from start point).
By car:

Address for your sat nav:  Parkplatz Wimbachbrücke, Wimbachweg 2, 83486 Ramsau

Equipment Information

  • hiking shoes;
  • hiking clothes;
  • klettersteig set;
  • harness;
  • helmet;
  • climbing handgloves;
  • rucksack;
  • food and water;
  • hiking poles;
  • sun screen, sun glasses;
  • rain/winter clothes according to the latest weather forecast;
  • first aid kit.