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Embark on an inspiring journey through towering peaks, stunning vistas, and charming alpine villages. Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of this iconic mountain range.

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Trustworthy and exceptional hiking experiences provided with a strong focus on safety, expert guidance, well-maintained equipment, and a commitment to delivering memorable adventures in nature.

Professional Local Expert

A knowledgeable and experienced specialist who understands the local trails, terrain, and natural features, ensuring a safe and enriching hiking experience for all adventurers.

Value for Money

Providing affordable and worthwhile hiking experiences that offer a balance between quality, safety, and enjoyment, ensuring that adventurers get the most out of their investment.

Safety Comes First

Prioritizing the well-being of hikers by implementing comprehensive safety measures, including knowledgeable specialists and proper equipment, ensuring a secure and enjoyable hiking experience.

Environmental Responsibility

Promoting sustainable practices, respecting wildlife and habitats, minimizing ecological impact, and raising awareness about preserving the natural environment for future generations to enjoy the trails responsibly.

Small Groups

Emphasizing personalized experiences, enhanced safety, minimal environmental impact, and increased opportunities for connection and immersion in nature, ensuring a more intimate and meaningful hiking adventure.


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From sea-level, you measure everything you see and touch, but things like passion, excitement, or adventure tend to emerge only at mountain-level.

Go hiking!

It’s the mountains’ way of inviting you to dance.

Popular Routes

Alpine Trekking Specialist

1 Day

1 Day
Max Altitude
1668 m
Easy - T2

1 Day

1 Day
Max Altitude
1701 m
Medium - T3
1 Day
Max Altitude
1790 m
Medium - T3

1-2 Days

1-2 Days
Max Altitude
2962 m
Difficult - t5

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Participants' Reviews

all opinions matter

Thank you Cosmin for organising this very agreeable new year hike! And for your very pleasant company.

Hélène Chéry


Thanks for a fantastic day and bringing your shining positive attitude! You're always so caring and making sure the group is taken care of.

Ivana Kenny


Hike& swim is the perfect combo for summer hikes. It was a pleasure to take part of the event and team. See you soon, Cosmin!

Alex Iaru


High energy, very friendly and very knowlegable about the mountains. He knew how to keep us calm during challenging parts of the hike.

Erensu Ozsoy


Great organizer! Keeps the group together, cheerful and make wise decisions according to the conditions.

Amit Verma


I had a wonderful time hiking with Cosmin as our guide! He’s very attentive on how everyone is feeling in the group and also a very interesting and fun person. 🙂

Johanna Schmitt


Experienced and responsible organiser. It was a fun hike. Looking forward to hike with Cosmin again.

Saswati Santra


Cosmin does a great job organising hikes. I can tell he has a lot of experience. He looks well after the group and makes sure everyone stays together.

Casper Lans


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Alpine Trekking Specialist

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